We are Slow & Co.
We are Sustainable Connectors.

Let’s join the dots.

We might come across as a little different, since we chose not to follow the beaten path but rather create new journeys.
Unlike people sometimes think, we aren't a consultancy, we aren't an accelerator, nor a business mentoring. We are connectors!

We're all about passion, partnership and progress. We can see connections when others don't.
We believe in a sustainable future and want to support you in getting there.

We help brands, big & small, connect to one another so they can achieve sustainable growth.
We do that by filling in the missing link, whether it's finding your right suppliers, clients, collaborators or even team members.
Networking is part of our DNA, but always with one main focus; we only join the dots for sustainable brands, or those looking to become more sustainable.

Behind the Brand

Let us introduce you to Kim De Coster, our founder.

Born and raised in Belgium, she arrived to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, in 2010. 7 years later, after losing her husband to cancer, she decided to turn her entire life around.

Since the very beginning of her career, networking has been a very important part of her professional life. That, together with her newfound way of living, is why she started her journey as a sustainable entrepreneur in 2019 and founded Slow & Co.

Some of our Services

Sustainable Networking Online

A monthly online event, alternating Spanish and English, which we organise from the Canary Islands, but not just for brands on the islands.

The goal of these sessions is to create new and sustainable synergies between businesses locally and abroad. Each online session will have a different topic, obviously always related to sustainability.

Curious to find out more? Join our next session!
Dates and registration can be found

Connector Services

According to the specific sustainability needs of our clients, we search for the appropiate solution, connecting them to the right suppliers, clients, collaborators or even team members.

Whether you're a company looking to implement more sustainable packaging, an entrepreneur wanting to launch a new sustainable project…
you name it, we find it!

Does that sound interesting to you?
Book a call to find out how we can help eachother.

Sustainable Marketplace

We wanted to find a way to connect sustainable brands of the Canary Islands with consumers and vice versa, so we've created Canarias Eco, the 1st sustainable marketplace in the Canaries.

Our goal is to support local sustainable entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to present their offer to a wider audience, locals and visitors alike.

And let’s show consumers that ‘slow living’ is a lot easier than it might seem at first.

Join our Sustainable Community!

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Contact Us

If you feel...
- you want to change your business towards a more sustainable running operation
- you'd like to create more positive impact with your business
- you'd love to start a new sustainable project

you have no idea where to find the right suppliers, sales points, etc., or who to create the best partnership with, then we'll definitely be able to help you find that missing link you need!

Contact us now and let's see what we can do for each other.

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Let’s connect - ¿Conectamos?

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